Continuing Education for Non-Percussion Music Educators

Most music educators will agree that there is a need for percussion enrichment in the middle school and high school music programs. Non-percussion music educators with minimal college percussion training are often expected to be the sole instructor of their schools' percussion programs. Even though some schools are fortunate enough to have percussion specialists, these teachers frequently commute between campuses. The consequence is that full-time directors could benefit from more percussion expertise.

"RATAMACAMP: Educators" is a continuing education camp for directors who would like to brush up on percussion principles. Also, camp attendees will gain a more advanced understanding of percussion instruction and learn methods to excite and challenge percussion students. Graduates of RATAMACAMP: Educators will be equipping students with the tools to take the next step in percussion education.


To register, click the button next to the camp for which you wish to register. You will then be taken to the registration page where you can choose your options, fill in the required information and make your payment via PayPal.

Tuition is $85 for Camp1 and $75 for Camp 2. Attend both morning and afternoon camps for $150.

Attend One Or Both

There are no Educator camps currently scheduled for 2017

Dates and Locations TBA
Tuition: $85 (includes curriculum)

Teaching Beginning Percussion:


  1. Getting started
  2. Grips, hand position, stroke
  3. Suggested curriculum
  4. What to do first
  5. Keeping it fun
  6. Snare / Rudimental grips
  7. Percussion keyboard patterns
  8. Percussion Ensemble
  9. T-shirts, end of camp party!!

Dates and Locations TBA
Tuition $75

Percussion Techniques for Band and Percussion Ensemble:


  1. Orchestral techniques on tambourine, triangle, cymbals, bass drum, and all accessories
  2. Rudimental verses Concert snare drum
  3. "The Rudimental Ritual"
  4. 2 and 4 mallet marimba and vibes; grips and techniques
  5. "The Marimba Marathon"
  6. All you need to know about tympani
  7. Basic drumset concepts
  8. Preparing percussionists for Region band auditions
  9. T-shirts, end of camp party!!



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